Celebrate 20 years with Sana Vida!


Join us for an anniversary celebration

Join us for a special Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, June 29th from 5pm - 8pm at Sana Vida! Enjoy food, cocktails and celebrating with our community.
Text your RSVP to 830-255-4072 to save a spot!

Starting June 10, we will have 20 days of specials!

These specials are for one day only so stop by, call or visit this page on the day to grab them!

June 10

20% Off 50 Minute Focus Massages

Promo Code: JUNE10

June 11

20% Off $200+ Gift Cards

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June 12

20% Off Foaming Soap

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June 13

20% Off 50 Min Acupuncture Sessions

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June 14

20% Off Monthly Unlimited Yoga Membership

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June 15

20% Off Essential 50 Membership

Promo Code: JUNE15

June 16

$20 Off Deluxe Yoga Mats

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June 17

$20 Temple Candles

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June 18

20% Off Annual Unlimited Yoga

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June 19

$20 Off Signature Facials

Promo Code: JUNE19

June 20

20% Off Essential 80 Membership

Promo Code: JUNE20

June 21

$20 Therapeutic Neck Wraps

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June 22

20% Off Incense

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June 23

20% Off Wellness 50 Membership

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June 24

20% Off Aveda Products

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June 25

20% Off Quotable Products

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June 26

20% Off All Loose Leaf Tea

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June 27

20% Off Wellness 80 Membership

Promo Code: JUNE27

June 28

$20 Off Power Anti Aging Facials

Promo Code: JUNE28

Wellness awaits you.

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