5 Benefits of Assisted Stretch

Benefits of assisted stretch

Sana Vida now offers a one-on-one assisted stretching (25 or 50 minute sessions) service using a proprietary method designed in collaboration by massage therapists, yoga instructors and acupuncturists. The Assisted Stretch is aimed at physical recovery and exploring the many benefits of a single or regular session, such as elongating muscles, rejuvenating the body, and fending off injuries.

  1. Increases Range of Motion

You may have noticed that as time goes by, the range of motion in your joints – how far you can comfortably extend them – has become reduced. If you’ve had surgery or an injury, you may be looking to regain the range of motion you had in the affected joint. You’ll notice your joints will become more fluid and assisted stretch can stimulate production of your body’s natural lubricants for easier movement. Research suggests that you’ll most likely feel immediate results in your workout performance or when you get up in the morning.

  1. Reduces Stiffness

Many of us struggle to relax, unwind and sub-consciously let our muscles loosen up. If you find that long days on the job or everyday activities leave you tied up in knots, then an assisted stretching routine could be just what you need! Gentle, targeted stretching can rebuild and improve posture greatly. As your muscles loosen and become balanced, you’ll feel like you’re standing straighter and sitting taller.

  1. Reduces Stress

Deep synchronized breathing relaxes your mind and your body. When your muscles are relaxed, it’s easier for you to relax. Along with deep breathing and a decrease in your stress levels, you’ll notice an improvement in your general wellbeing. You’ll also notice your blood flow increases and will circulate with more oxygen and nutrients all throughout your muscles, joints, connective tissue and blood vessels.

  1. Increases Flexibility

A regular assisted stretching plan keeps muscles engaged, warmed up and active. As you age, your muscle coordination and flexibility can become imbalanced – leading to mobility limitation. Regular assisted stretching increases flexibility and you’ll notice there is less stress on your muscles during physical activity. Along with flexibility, your mobility will improve – leading to better performance and structural stability.

  1. Improves Physical Performance

While most individuals are quick to turn to massage for recovery after a workout, assisted stretch creates a bridge between recovery and improving physical performance. It’s important to focus on reducing recovery times, protecting your body from developing injuries and reducing soreness. Improved mobility and flexibility can help endurance, strength, power, agility and speed. By having one of our professional therapists aiding and leading your stretch, it will allow you to target the correct muscle groups and duration needed.   


Try the Assisted Stretch today and explore our introductory offer: Your first 25 minute Stretch for only $25. We’re excited to announce that this service will be eligible for all Essential and Wellness 50 memberships! Click our Specialty Services page to learn more.