Specialty Tea Drinks

Kombucha on Tap / $4/ $7

Probiotic fermented drink on tap made from tea, sugar & good bacteria. Fill your growler too!

Golden Milk / $4.85

An Ayurvedic elixir of Turmeric, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, agave and almond milk.

Golden Mango Smoothie / $5.85

Our Golden Milk recipe blended with mangos & bananas.

Mojteato / $5.85

Japanese matcha powder paired with lime, mint, agave & sparkling water.

Matcha Tea Shot / $2.85

Ceremonial grade Japanese powdered green tea leaves.

Everyday Iced Tea / $2.85

Signature Hibiscus
Traditional Black
Moroccan Mint Green

Hemp Horchata / $7.85

A luscious blend of almond milk, maple syrup, organic hemp oil & aromatic spices.

Powerhouse Matcha Latte / $4.85

A powerful blend of plant-based protein and matcha, mixed with almond milk, a touch of agave and invigorating spices.

Teana Colada / $4.85

A tropical pick-me-up crafted with pineapple, coconut milk, white tea and agave.

Yogi Chai Tea / $4.85

Fresh ginger, peppercorns,  cardamom, cloves & cinnamon. Steeped with aged Pu Erh Tea, almond milk & agave. Available hot or iced.

French Press Coffee / $2.85

Organic dark roast brewed in the french press method.

Buttered Coffee / $4.85

Organic dark roast french press coffee blended with grass fed ghee & MCT Oil.

Botanical Blends

Cup $3 / Pot $5 / Loose $8

Calming Tea

Relax and unwind with a soothing cup of chamomile, peppermint, skullcap and catnip herb.

Signature Hibiscus

A ruby red citrus blend, featuring hibiscus, rosehips, orange peel and lemongrass. There’s a hint of tangy heaven in every sip of this floral blend.

Brain Tonic

Clear mental clutter, enhance concentration and memory. Enjoy this scrumptious marriage of herbs with notes of gingko, hibiscus and eleuthero root.


Kick your immune system into high gear with a nourishing and warming blend of holy basil, echinacea, elder flower and ginger root.

Top Shelf Tea

Cup $8 / Pot $13 / Loose $18

Gyokuro Imperial (Japan)

The pinnacle of Japanese green tea. It is shaded prior to harvesting, resulting in a higher chlorophyll content. This creates a fuller body and bolder vegetal quality with every sip.

Sparrow Tongue Yellow (China)

A prized tea that is made of needle-like dark and light leaves that steep a smooth, delicate cup with no astringency. This elegant yellow blend from China has a flowery, fresh and mild aroma.

White Tea

Cup $3 / Pot $5 / Loose $8

White Peony (China)

The most common of traditional white tea, consists of two tea leaves and a bud. Sweet and smooth, prized for its slight woody, toasted aroma.

Mandarin Heaven (China/US)

A smooth and refreshing blend of lemon myrtle leaf, orange peel and marigold to create a fresh citrus taste balanced with a complex flowery aroma.

Lavender White (China/France)

Calm in a cup with the highest grade of premium French lavender. Brew away the blues with its fragrant aroma and balmy, soothing flavors.

Green Tea

Cup $3 / Pot $5 / Loose $8

Jasmine (China)

Awaken your mind and bloom your senses. Tender leaves and silvery down-covered buds are scented with jasmine blossoms to make this delicate blend

Gunpowder (China)

A traditional tea bursting with energy. The leaves are rolled into small pearls, resembling gunpowder pellets, then unfurling before your eyes.

Earl Grey Green (China/US)

A new version of the classic earl grey that pairs green tea with the orange rind zestiness of Sicillian bergamot.

Da Qi Cha (China/US)

Young Hyson tea combined with antioxidant rich herbs supply your body with a Qi boost. Warming notes of ginger and licorice root, eleuthero root, schisandra berry, gingko leaf and gotu kola.

Sencha (Japan)

The emperor of green teas. Hand picked, deep steamed and carefully dried right after harvesting, resulting in a rich vegetal flavor and nutty aroma.

Dragonwell (China)

A world renowned tea with sweet aroma and delicate flavors.

Moroccan Mint (China/US)

An exotic blend of green tea, mint, and a hint of lemongrass for a crisp, aromatic cup.

Lover's Green (China/US)

Indulge in this sensual and soothing blend of green tea, rose petals, marigold and antioxidant rich honey bush.

Oolong Tea

Cup $5 / Pot $7 / Loose $10

Milk Oolong (Vietnam)

Cup of abundance. Famous for it’s ‘milky’ taste and silky texture, the large, tightly-rolled leaves have an alluring fragrance of sweet cream and peaches. A rare treat known for its golden liquor and buttery mouthfeel.

Jade Oolong (Taiwan)

Rare and lightly oxidized from the mountainous region of Qingxin. A smooth golden green infusion with orchid aroma, brisk flavor and fruity finish.

Iron Goddess of Mercy (China)

The most famous of oolong teas. A light and amber infusion with a sweet finish, complex taste and rich aroma reminiscent of baked grain and apricot.

Honey Bitten Oolong (Taiwan)

A traditional method of crafting that roasts the bitten leaf, drawing out honey and fruit flavors. Your first sip will be floral with an aftertaste that oozes a thick and syrupy honey.

Oriental Beauty (Taiwan)

A top grade Formosa oolong, highly oxidized, yet super smooth. Peach, nectarine and the soft sweetness of honey dwell in these delightfully layered white, green, yellow, red and brown leaves.

Black Tea

Cup $3 / Pot $5 / Loose $8

Darjeeling 2nd Flush (India)

The champagne of teas. From the first organic and bio-dynamic estate in Darjeeling. This type of harvesting produces a more robust body and powerful aroma than the 1st harvesting.

Nilgiri Exquisite (India)

A delicious full bodied tea. Earthy, aromatic and slightly astringent.

Hathikuli Assam (India)

From an estate known to produce fine organic teas. This blend contains golden tips making it a high quality tea with a rich, malty and robust cup.

Golden Yunnan (China)

A deeply flavored infusion with notes of peppery spice, chocolate, sweet raisin and malty finish.

pu erh Tea

Cup $3 / Pot $5 / Loose $8

Pu Erh Maiden (China)

A fermented tea with a deep red-brown liquor that is earthy and nutty-sweet, with hints of espresso and acorn. This is a famous digestive tea, taken after heavy meals or to kick start the digestion.

Buddha Belly Pu Erh (China)

A skillfully blended tea with turmeric, ginger root and peppermint to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. Every sip will warm your belly.

Chrysanthemum Tuo Cha (China)

This is an unfermented yet aged tea, blended with organic chrysanthemum and formed into a ‘birds nest’ shape for easy transport.