“I have been trying to sum up what I like about your Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes. Besides the strength, flexibility and confidence the classes have brought to my life, I am always thankful I take the time out for myself. I look forward to the serenity and being in connection with my own spirit during and after your class. I feel an awakening to my inner being, contentment and the feeling of a job well done. There are times I feel to tired or just not in the mood to go, but I am always glad I went and shared the experience with the others that attend your class. We have a united feeling, like being with family. We are together and not better than one another, supportive and caring. Thank you for this wonderful experience.”
~ JH Age 56

Sana Vida Cancellation Policy for Events

Full refunds are issued if cancellations occur at least 48 hours prior to workshop or special event. For late withdraw or no-show we reserve the right to retain payment. In the case that Sana Vida must cancel a workshop or event we will contact attendees and issue full refund. Cancellation policy for Retreat Weekends and Teacher Training programs are different. Please ask for more information.