10 Netflix + Tea Pairings

Netflix and Tea

1. Enjoy a creamy cup of Milk Oolong as you watch the Great British Baking Show, where judges search for the UK’s best amateur baker. Pastries, tarts, tea, oh my!

2. A new version of a classic, Earl Grey Green, you’ll feel like royalty as you watch The Crown – A lavish drama that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

3. Sip a cup of Lover’s Green tea while you watch the sweet relationship develop between Pam and Jim on The Office, a hilarious series about co-workers at Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company.

4. Warm and spicy describes Buddha Belly Pu-Erh and Dead to Me, a series about a hot-headed widow and an eccentric optimist becoming best friends as they try to keep their secrets buried and protect their loved-ones. You’ll find both are addictive. 

5. Calm in a cup and with a pup! Enjoy a warm cup of Lavender White tea as you watch Pup Academy, a show about an extraordinary school for the cutest, cuddliest, and most curious puppies.

6. Relax and unwind with a cup of Calming Tea as you watch Working Moms, about four new working mothers and friends as they deal with the struggles and nuttiness of returning to work while trying to balance family and love lives. They need a cup of calm!

7. Travel the world with Zac Effron and Darin Olien as they search for sustainable, healthy ways to live in Down to Earth. Try our hydrating Signature Hibiscus blend – it’s sure to help you beat the heat (radiating off the TV, thanks Zac)! And don’t forget to use spring water when you brew. Zac will show you why.

8. Hathikuli Assam is a nutty, sweet and malty black tea that’s sourced near a wildlife sanctuary in India. Prized for its distinctive flavor profile, it’s a great pairing with The Indian Detective. An equally nutty dramedy about a suspended cop investigating a criminal operation in Mumbai. 

9. In the mood for a romantic period piece? Then it absolutely must be Jane Austen’s classic Pride & Prejudice. Brew up a pot of Darjeeling 2nd Flush, known as the champagne of teas, and you’ll be transported back to afternoon tea in 19th century England with Mrs. Bennet’s daughters and the prideful Mr. Darcy.

10. From dreaming to anxiety disorders, discover how your brain works in the illuminating documentary series The Mind Explained. And while you watch, keep your mind sharp with our powerful, decaffeinated, brain boosting Brain Tonic Tea.