Philosophy on Yoga

Our philosophy on yoga is that we believe there is a path in the journey of yoga for everyone. Sana Vida prides itself on leaving no one out.

Our philosophy of yoga is yoga is for everybody!

Yoga is for Everybody!

Are you disabled, inactive, recovering from long term illness?

Are you looking for peace, hope or a place for community?

Are you in need of a quiet place in your mind to allow spirituality in?

Are you looking for stress and pain relief?

Or perhaps, merely a new way to challenge your physical body.

Yoga is not a religion, nor does it teach any religion. Yoga does allow you a safe space to be open to whatever your spiritual path is. Spirit communicates through intuition and inspiration and needs a quiet mind to bubble to the surface of your consciousness.

Come as you are…big, small, old, young, stiff, hectic or lost.  We welcome you with open arms!